1000 Possibilities

A collaborative series on feminine strength and potential.  

The Vision

1000 Possibilities is a collaborative series on feminine strength and potential.  We believe all women have defining experiences to share; in doing so we strengthen our communities, encourage leadership and deepen our culture.  Our goal is to draw out these stories and empower women through engagement in the arts. To incite the inner artist in each of us, each piece starts with a common welded armature and a story shared among others. As these conversations spark ideas, these stories turn into sculptures that convey confidence and beauty through the female form.  

We’re committed to sharing collaborative work spaces, providing access to unique artists and building a common platform for telling the world just how lovely women can be. 

We invite artists of all disciplines and skill levels to connect through this project and create 3D forms that embody women as they want to be seen - strong, powerful and full of possibility.


If you're interested, join us.