1000 Possibilities

A collaborative series on feminine strength and potential.  


We are artists, welders and visionaries. We have been students, mothers, daughters, sisters, postal carriers, umpires,  dog owners,  Burners, Alaskans. We come together to do what we love, and we share it with you to inspire you to explore your own brilliant potential.


Jenifer Wright

Former Industrial Designer and Evangelist of technologies, Jenifer gave up the corporate life to start her own company and be the instigator of chaos within 1000 Possibilities.  When others say - "Hey, I can weld that." Jen says - "Sure, but what about rip stop nylon and bondo? or 8 cu feet of compost and a bunch of plants?"  Considering that this collaborative adventure started with a $50 mannequin and a spool of wire in her living room, Jen is either a catalyst of greatness or a pain in the rear.  You decide. 


Anita Schuller

Interior Designer, Welder and Artist, Anita likes to whip up a batch of creative challenges before breakfast and have them solved  by lunch.  When she’s not involved with grandkid activities or plasma cutting 6 foot feathers out of stainless steel for a commission, she’s the Task Master of Welding Projects making sure great ideas don’t get sidetracked by squirrels.  Hairdresser in the 60’s, certified Little League umpire in the 80’s and contractor/builder on every house she’s lived in, Anita’s portfolio of quirky talents is kept in check by a fierce determination to do everything she sets her mind to.


Debbie Drllevich

In addition to having kick-ass welding skills, Debbie is the mathematician, project accountant and voice of reason for Studio B. If the shop were a school yard she would be picked first for every welding project, which means if you’ve passed a giant ostrich, penguin or winged creature in the greater South King County area, chances are pretty good that Debbie knows exactly how many spoons it took to make it. Educator, volunteer welding instructor at Green River College and native Washingtonian, Debbie is always on the move and helping someone. Which begs the question - is there any limit to the number of things she can do in one day?