1000 Possibilities

A collaborative series on feminine strength and potential.  

Anita and Jenifer are on the radio!

Tune in to 1150 AM for Pat Pauley's ARTbeat Northwest today, Tuesday 9/12 at 5 pm.  Pat saw the ladies at Bellevue Botanical and invited us to discuss our project on the air!  If you miss it you can also stream it from their archive - www.1150KKNW.com.  Thank you for the opportunity, Pat!

Press Release of 1000 Possibilities Project


Local Team of Welders Leads Movement To Spotlight the Strength and Potential of Women

Renton/Maple Valley/Auburn/Federal Way, Washington - June 8, 2017 -  A small crew of art welders are turning their passion for collaborative art into a year over year community sculpture project  celebrating the beauty and strength of women. Built on the principles of creativity and empowerment, the project is committed to making a positive impact on women through engagement in the 3-dimensional art form. 

“Women sometimes forget how powerful they are.   We want them to thrive not only in their families but in their communities through public expression.” says Jenifer Wright, project founder and small business owner. “People don’t expect women to be welders or female forms to be made of steel or plants. We wanted to leverage this unexpectedness to highlight the unique potential of women and inspire others to explore large scale art.”

Working with fellow project founders Anita Schuller and Debbie Drllevich and Studio B owner Greg Bartol, the four realized that collaborating on large projects not only increased the scale of their pieces but it also raised the bar on their talents and expanded their portfolio to include other media. Inspired by this synergy, 1000 Possibilities was born. Using a common welded armature, local artists are invited to work together on sculptures that convey confidence and beauty through the female form. As the series grows, the pieces will move together through exhibitions, with the intention of a culminating event in a local garden space each year. 

 “Working together allows us to build on each other’s experience and expand outside our comfort zones.  I think it makes us better artists and gives a strong voice to us as women.” says Debbie Drllevich.

1000 Possibilities is a collaborative series on feminine strength and potential. Believing that all women have strong voices and defining experiences to share, our goal is to incite creativity and empower women through engagement in the arts.  We invite artists of all disciplines and skill levels to connect with each other and create 3D forms that embody women as they want to be seen - strong, powerful and full of possibility.


To participate in this project or for more information, contact:

Jenifer Wright