1000 Possibilities

A collaborative series on feminine strength and potential.  



The first piece in this collection, Artemis is a perfect example of "Why not?" Why can't a symbol of a living creature actually be living?   By creating an ecosystem of earth, sun, water and plants the artist represents the delicate balance of vulnerability and strong exterior inherent in strong, feminine role models.   The mix of textures provided by the plants invites you to look closer and interact through touch.  Like any social creature, she derives support from the community around her, thriving  on the local resources of where she’s planted. As the light and water sources change, she makes subtle adjustments in how she grows - sometimes her hair grows inches in just a few days, sometimes a crop of mushrooms will sprout on a shaded shoulder blade. This fluid adaption is one of many characteristics of feminine strength the artist wanted to explore.  As Artemis grows, she radiates beauty, resiliency and life.


The artists of this piece firmly believe that each woman has the opportunity to define who she is and where she belongs in this lifetime.  Created from welded steel to convey the strength and determination of her character, Apeiron - which means unlimited - is breaking the chains that bind her to predetermined ideals and conventions.  As she emerges, Apeiron remains a contrast of opposing traits - she is strong yet ephemeral, warm yet faceless, allowing every woman reflected in her gaze to embrace the potential of their beautifully balanced characteristics.



Choosing names of goddesses started as a nice way to tie all the women together and leverage a middle schooler’s knowledge of mythology.  Gaia is the personification of the earth and the ancestral mother of all life.  Rooted to the earth below her and nurtured from environment that surrounds her, she gives back through her wisdom, beauty and strength. These are all principles of what the artist wanted to strive for in her second sculpture, but as Anita leveraged what she learned from Apeiron, Gaia had a vision of her own.  She's been pushing in her own directions, fighting for her true face and forcing her creator to actually get to know her, not just weld her.  She's evolving still. Teaching patience, respect and flexibility as she goes.




Debbie's latest work is coming along beautifully. Her piece has yet to be named, but her figure is climbing out of her past and into a new world view.


Never Ending perfectionista

Melanie is a ridiculously talented illustrator and painter and we're excited to see what she can do with a blank 3D slate.  She's exploring the idea of women taking on many responsibilities, in business, in beauty, in life - not because they are victims, but because they want to - it's in their nature and they are strong.


Ladies In Waiting

We believe all women are luminous and full of potential.   Each sculpture in this series starts with a common welded armature and a discussion about the positive strengths of the feminine character that the artist hopes to convey.  We are actively seeking artists to contribute to this project, and hope to incite creativity and breed support for women as they move forward in this world.

If you're interested, join us.   Send us a note so we know how to reach you and let's get started.